SOL Out! Delta back In! as supplier of fuel to BVIEC – Delta was awarded 5-year contract for submitting the lowest bid

The contract was signed on October 27, 2021, by Delta Petroleum and BVIEC at a simple ceremony held at R&R Malone Complex in Pockwood Pond, Tortola.

Signing on behalf of Delta Petroleum were Chief Executive Officer Carlos Robles, Managing Director Mr Vernon A. Lake and Regional General Manager Mr Bevis A. Sylvester while signing BVIEC were Chairman Mrs Rosemarie Flax and General Manager/CEO Leroy A.E. Abraham.

BVIEC stated emphatically that the lowest bidder got the contract and that negotiations were intense.

The agreement stipulates that from November 1, 2021, the contract will run as agreed for an initial two years after which the two entities will meet at the negotiating table before proceeding for another three years.

VI dependent on fossil fuel

Addressing members of the media and senior-level staff present to witness the signing, Mr Abraham explained that the majority of the electricity in the Virgin Islands is produced by fossil fuels, “So if there is no fuel there is also the possibility that there is no electricity.”

Mrs Flax stated: “It is the most fussed about necessity in humans as they complain if there is a blink in the electricity. It affects our personal and economic way of life.”

Delta Petroleum broke the monopoly on fuel in VI- Vernon Lake

Speaking of the over 38-year-old relationship with BVIEC, Mr Lake said Delta got its first major contract from the VI and as such the relationship between the two has great value.

He said it all started in 1984, at a time when Shell had the monopoly in the territory.

“Prices were going through the roof; you could hardly drive your car. My dear company Delta Petroleum came along and changed everything.”

Mr Lake further said, “Delta Petroleum is the first company in the BVI and the Eastern Caribbean to bring unleaded gasoline to these Islands.”

‘Good times ahead’- Carlos Robles

Giving assurance, Mr Robles said, “Delta Petroleum is fully committed to supplying the VI with the most effective cost in terms of fuel that we can make available… and I think that we have some good times ahead.”

Robles, speaking on the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the world, said the world’s landscape is changing, “And as your Premier has said and I have said, we are living in a new normal.”

Watch Press Conference of Execution of Contract by clicking link below.


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