1. The first step is to fill out an “Application for Electricity Installation” form. This form can be obtained from any of the office staff members of the T&D Department.
  2. Note that this form has to be signed by both owner and a licensed electrician. If not it will be seen as invalid.
  1. Now you submit this form to the Accounts officer of the Accounts Department who is in charge of processing these applications.
  2. After you have submitted the form, it is assigned a number for our references and is returned to the T&D Department for an estimate to be prepared.

The estimate is prepared by a Planning Officer of the T&D Department.

  1. It normally takes a Planning Officer about 2-3 days to have an estimate prepared.
  2. The officer has to make a site visit, the site being your area of construction, and make a decision as to what is the best way to get electricity to your property. They usually call you or your electrician for directions to the property before they make this visit.

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  1. No. After the estimate is prepared it has to be signed by a supervisor and sent back to Accounts Department for the Accounts Officer to prepare and official contract for you to make a payment.
  2. After the estimate is received by the Accounts Officer, you are given a period of 3 months to make a payment on this bill before it expires. If payment is not made the application has to be redone.

Feel feel to also watch our tutorials at bvielectricity.com/tutorials/

Before beginning with the registration process, please ensure that you have a copy of your recent BVIEC bill. It is imperative that you have a copy of your BVIEC bill with you.  It is required to successfully register.

  1. To start you need to type bvielectricity.com into the address bar of your web browser and press the Enter or Return key on your keyboard.
  2. At the top of the page you will see an icon that says Register.
  3. Click on this icon to proceed to the E-Bill and Online Payment section of the website.
  4. Click the Register button that is located to the right of the Login button.
  5. Fill out the required fields on the registration form. You will need to obtain your account number and meter number from a recent copy of your BVIEC bill. A valid email address is also required. (Note: Please enter the information as it appears on your electricity bill, i.e., if your name appears in uppercase letters on your electricity bill, please, enter your name in uppercase letters.)
  6. When you have completed all fields please click the Register button to create your account. If you have made several attempts entering the information exactly as it appears on your electricity bill, please do not hesitate to contact the BVI Electricity Corporation for assistance. Our staff will be more than happy to assist you with the registration process.
  7. If you are redirected to the Billing History page, congratulations! You have successfully registered.

Feel feel to also watch our tutorials at bvielectricity.com/tutorials/

If you have already registered, please enter the username and password that you used to register. Once you have logged onto your account you will be redirected to the Billing History section of the website, where you will be able to view a graphical representation of your usage history and billing history. In addition you will also be able to view your payment history.

  1. On the left hand side of the webpage you will see a task bar with different sections in gray, under each section is a list options that you can choose from. These options are very helpful with answering day to day questions that you may have.
  2. Before proceeding to make a payment, ensure that you have a credit card or an ATH card with the Visa or Master Card logo present. Please note that the web portal only accepts Visa and Master Card credit cards.
  3. To make a payment proceed to the section on the task bar that says Online Services and select the option called Make a Payment. You will be taken to the Make a Payment page where you will see disclaimers and a go button. Please ensure that you read the disclaimers before proceeding. By proceeding you are agreeing to all of the terms and condition of the website.
  4. If you agree with the disclaimers, please click on the Go button to proceed. You will see a pop-up box which lets you know that you are being redirected to a third party site.
  5. The Make a Payment window will be displayed on the screen. You will need your credit card to complete the form.
  6. If you do not see this pop-up box please insure that your pop-up blocker is disabled or allowed for this site. To resolve pop-up blocker issues click the following link: Allow pop-ups
  7. After you have entered the information, please click the submit button on the window. Once you have clicked on the submit button you will be taken to the verification page to verify the credit card information that you entered. If the information is correct, please click the submit button to process the payment or click the Back  button on the upper right hand corner of the window to edit the credit card information.
  8. Whether you have made a successful payment or have been declined, please print a copy of the Make a Payment window that displays the transaction details (this is your receipt). It is important to print a copy of this receipt. If there is a discrepancy, you may use this receipt as proof of payment.