The BVI Electricity Corporation’s (BVIEC) Anegada plant now has a brand new utility truck that will assist in bringing in improved power-related services across the sister island.

General Manager of BVIEC Leroy Abraham received the keys for the vehicle from the Anegada Beach Club during a handing over ceremony on the island on October 2.

The BVIEC boss said the truck was purchased with funds that Anegada Beach Club owner Doug Riegels had donated to the corporation following the onslaught of the 2017 hurricanes.

“It is very timely because we are in the height of the hurricane season so if anything comes through, they definitely have the tools to assist in speedily dealing with any normal regular operational issues and in the event of any affect from any passages of any storms, then this asset will come in very handy in terms of assisting with restoration here on Anegada.”

Safety training to operate truck

Abraham also said BVIEC workers will undergo a training course with the Health & Safety Department before being allowed to operate the new vehicle.

Explaining the reason for the training exercise, Abraham said: “It (the truck) comes with all the relevant safety bells and whistles, rigours, safety and harnesses. So they’ll have a complete safety briefing on how to utilise the truck not only efficiently. But, most certainly, safely because safety is the number one, two and three operative in our line of business.”

Less time in completing projects

In the meantime, senior linesman at the BVIEC Michael ‘Mitch’ Vanterpool said that the new truck will result in assignments being completed in a much timely manner.

“Without the bucket truck, it would have taken us at least two extra hours between setting up with the safety equipment and with the bucket truck it will take half-an-hour because you have to make the line safe before you go to work,” Vanterpool said.

Riegels to contribute more to Anegada

General Manager of the Anegada Beach Club Jamie Johnson said the club will continue to add more improvements to the infrastructure, services and transportation of Anegada.


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