Emergency Supply List

We at the British Virgin Islands Electricity Corporation suggest that prior to a storm or hurricane, you stock up on the following emergency supplies:

  • Batteries, candles, flashlights, hurricane lamps and matches (Please exercise caution when using candles and hurricane lamps indoors and in windy conditions.)
  • Gas stove and fuel
  • Fire extinguisher, and a first aid kit
  • AM/FM Radio (battery operated)
  • Hammer, nails, pliers, duct tape, wire and ropes
  • Manual can opener
  • Powdered milk and fresh water. (Sterilize and fill as many containers with water as possible, including your bathtub.)
  • Canned goods and other foods which require little or no cooking
  • Fill car or motor bike with gasolene
  • Extra prescription medicine
  • Use Household bleach to purify water (1 drop per litre or 4 drops per gallon)