Ensuring A Reliable And Safe Power Supply

In order to ensure a reliable power supply the BVIEC must periodically trim trees, plants and vines from around power lines in your area. We at BVIEC are environmentally conscious, support the promotion of a green environment in the B.V.I., and are against the needless destruction of our islands’ trees. However trees growing too close to overhead wires may pose a threat to you and your family’s safety, and often cause interruptions to power supply.

The following complaints are regularly heard from customers:

“I don’t understand why whenever it rains, my power goes off”
“Every time that we get high winds in my area, my lights go out”

Occasionally, lightning strikes during inclement weather conditions and sometimes causes power outages. These problems however are mainly due to the interference of trees with electrical lines.

Sometimes, depending on the electrical wire affected, customers may not lose power, but they may lose a neutral connection, which can result in their household appliances being subjected to high voltages. In many cases the appliances can be seriously damaged, resulting in an additional financial burden on the customer.

This problem becomes worse during the passage of tropical storms and hurricanes. Swaying trees can break lines and thus result in customers being left without power for extended periods of time.

Power interruptions are a serious concern, but ensuring the safety of the general public is of utmost importance. Incidents of persons climbing trees, and directly and indirectly coming into contact with energized High Voltage wires most often results in either severe injury or death.

Providing you the customer with a reliable power supply and ensuring your family’s safety can only be achieved through the proper pruning of trees and in some cases, removal of offending trees and replanting of the right trees in the right places.

Customers can feel confident knowing that persons performing line clearing for the Corporation are taught pruning methods approved by the International Society of Arboriculture, the US National Arborist Association and other members of the ANSI committee for tree care practices.

We at the BVI Electricity Corporation therefore solicit your understanding and corporation as we strive to provide you with the best service possible.