The B.V.I. Electricity Corporation is inviting tenders for the renewal from any Virgin Islands Licensed Insurance companies for a Group Health Insurance Plan to provide comprehensive supplementary coverage for all employees, retirees and their dependants that are members covered under the existing plans at August 31, 2023.

 Terms of Reference

The plan should provide (but not limited to) the following benefits:

  1. Coverage of Pre-existing Conditions
  2. Major Medical Insurance
  3. Worldwide 24 hours a day coverage
  4. Customer Service Call Center- 24 hours access
  5. Local Office/Agent
  6. Maximum Lifetime Benefits
  7. Maximum Out of Pocket
  8. Substantial Term Life Insurance for Insured and Dependants
  9. Preferred Provider Network (Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands & USA) (Network Information must be accessible via internet and regularly updated)
  10. Hospital Room and Board
  11. Maternity
  12. Psychiatric Care
  13. HIV/AIDS related illnesses and lifetime benefits
  14. Vision Care
  15. Prescription Drugs
  16. Air Ambulance and Mortal Remains Coverage
  17. Second Opinion
  18. Lab/X-ray Scan and other Diagnostic Procedures
  19. Dental Care
  20. Outpatient Services
  21. Hospitalization
  22. Accidents & Emergency Care
  23. Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Rehabilitation
  24. Critical Illness
  25. Organ Transplant
  26. Private Duty Nurse
  27. Chiropractic Benefits
  28. Accidental Death and Dismemberment
  29. Annual Physical
  30. Preventive Care for Newborns inclusive of Immunizations
  31. Surgical Expense Benefits
  32. Rehabilitation
  33. Doctors and Specialist Visits
  34. Birth abnormalities, congenital conditions, premature birth, or other defects in newborn children.
  35. Radiation and Chemotherapy etc.
  36. Physical Therapy
  37. Prosthetic Devices


Optional Benefits

  1.  Disability Insurance
  2. Cosmetic Surgery (in the event of an accident)
  3. Experimental Treatment
  4. Extended Care Benefits
  5. Home Health Care


Instruction to the Tenderers

Tenderers are required to furnish the following:

  1. A valid Insurance License issued pursuant to the Insurance Act 1994 OR
  2. Copy of Insurance License Application submitted to Commissioner of Insurance.
  3. Good Standing certificates in respect of National Health Insurance, Social Security and Taxes including Payroll taxes and Property Taxes.
  4. Certificate of Good Standing from Commercial Registry.
  5. Trade License.
  6. Independently audited financial statements for the last two financial years
  7. Names of local Insurance Agent and curriculum vitae outlining the professional skills and qualifications of the Manager, including details of experience in the field together with valid Certificate of Authority issued pursuant to the Insurance Act 1994.
  8. Premium for employee, employee and dependents (spouse), employee and dependent (child/ren) must be submitted for the required services separately. In addition, the premium for same for the required and optional services combined.


The tenders must be submitted in a sealed envelope clearly marked with “Tender for Group Health Insurance Plan 2023” and the tenderers return address.  These tenders must be addressed to:-


The General Manager

B.V.I. Electricity Corporation

 P.O. Box 268

 Road Town, Tortola VG 1110

British Virgin Islands